Here are the final book covers I’ve been working on


Prostitution, drugs and the fear of violence, that’s Lenny Logan. He runs his business interests like his women; with a tight grip.
With his friends and contacts, Lenny lives a life untouched and unhampered from intrusion, as many who dare to cross his path live to regret it. 
When a new girl starts work in his brothel, then disappears at the first opportunity with a stash of his drugs, Lenny is beyond reason when she is later seen to be dealing on his patch and in the main nightclub one night. Two different worlds collide, when a young girl gets caught in the crossfire of his hatred and sets off a chain of events. What follows will bring their worlds closer together more than anyone could possibly imagine; only to end in disaster for one, and a change of fortune for the other. When the stark realization of a hidden truth is revealed, it shows that their worlds were connected in more ways than one

New age Calamity Designs 
As much as I adore the Hollywood musical of Calamity Jane, I wanted to update it by giving the script a future post apocalyptic twist. Calamity is a strong, independent woman who is struggling with her gender identity. The story portrays her evolution of personality and style along side the complications of her love life. I wanted to highlight environmental awareness to the audience byusing a post apocalyptic back-drop, and I also wanted to imply that  we will continue to endeavour to find unrequited love and self exploration far into the future. I hoped that applying post apocalyptic themes would provoke the need for environmental change now. This entire costume is sculpted from no new materials, but from found objects instead. To express the theme of gender in this production have utilized the shapes and patterns of genitalia.